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I have just sent the December Newsletter, if you haven't received it you probably have the option set to "No" in your profile info.

The content is here:-

Hello everyone,
this is the inaugural December monthly newsletter from MotorhomeFacts.

I intend to keep the Subject text the same for all our newsletters i.e. [Motorhome Facts Newsletter]:

Month so that members can utilise their mail clients rule facility to filter them.

Site Updates
Well its been a very busy time here in MHFactsHQ, the following enhancements have been added to the


Many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) added such as
Importing a Motorhome
Base Vehicle Specifications
How to add photos to the Gallery
Financial Related
What are the different Motorhome Types
Wild Camping Etiquette
Tyre Pressure conversions
European Ferry Companies
Gas in the motorhome
Motorhomefacts website registration problems

The Downloads section now plays host to the following Documents:-
2 reviews of what the process of buying in Germany is really like
An amusing anecdotal look at how Motorhomes have "improved"
A TomTom GPS POI Database file of low bridges
A Motorhome checklist of what to take when travelling
A German abbreviations document (Useful for when travelling on the continent or when purchasing

2 Wild Camping spots documents for Ireland and Portugal

The Motorhome Search Database
coming on in leaps and bounds. We now have over 400 motorhomes in our database, with more being added

regularly. We are aiming to have the majority of the larger manufacturers complete by the end of the

year. We have also added the facility on the front page to see which 10 motorhomes match peoples

requirements the most (Top 10 MH Searches)

An Email discussion list has been added, see This is for those members with either limited bandwidth resources i.e. full timers or those

who like "push" technology whereby information is emailed to them instead of them having to go and get

it. It comprises of a system where a member enlists for the service at the above URL, once enrollment is

complete they simply email [email protected] and that email is

circulated to all members on the list. It is a useful system for fast communication. The list will be

primarily motorhome related but Off Topic (OT) conversation is also allowed. So go on and sign up now

The Photo Gallery is slowly being populated with

14 members associated mug shots and motorhomes being in place at time of writing. There is a guide in the section explaining how to create an album and

upload your pictures so why not spend 1/2 hour stamping your mark on the gallery. I note that some users

have created albums and uploaded photos but not changed the descriptive text to show whose album it is.

The Gallery application is slightly confusing in that you have to select "Edit Text" from the dropdown to

change the name of the album, whereas the "Rename Album" option renames the folder on disk that it is

stored in


The Caravan and Motorhome show competition has 4 weeks left to run, so if you know of a good slogan which

we can use on then click for more details of how to enter to win


We will also be featuring a competition for The Scottish Caravan & Outdoor Leisure Show 2004 - held at

the SECC in Glasgow, 5-8 Feb. So check back for details closer to then

Future Plans

ECommerce facility whereby our members can purchase their motorhome goods online. Estimate Q1


Insurance guides to be added on a monthly basis by a household name Insurance company.

A Find your nearest dealer page whereby you can type in your postcode and select either All or a

specific Manufacturer from a dropdown list to see a page of results for the nearest Dealers to your

address, (Note: This is also intended to be linked as another column in the MH Search results

We have started to receive submissions from our members, we are particulary keen to receive Owner reviews

of their motorhomes, News related to Motorhomes and any other motorhome related information, either email

direct to us at [email protected] or you can submit

using the online Submit News page.

Please pass the word on as the more people who utilise the website the more

information we receive for the community.
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