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Desperately seeking a campsite

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Well we've finally gone fulltime and after a few weeks of moving houses, being without internet access and general panic we are settling in to it well (in fact we're loving it)!!

Just returned from Europe which was motorhoming heaven and now need to stay in UK for a few months. We are currently residing in Kent before moving on at the weekend.

We need a site until the end of May which can be anywhere in England but preferably southern half and not more than 150 miles from where we are now (in between Folkestone and Canterbury).

The criteria we would like to meet are as follows:

Motorhome friendly, ideally with MH waste disposal facility
Electric hook up
No more than £10 per night
3 mobile coverage for broadband
Quite with the minimum of facilities suits us best although laundry facility would be helpful

Any/all suggestions gratefully received!

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CL's or CS's should cover your facilities and price requirements, are you members of either club?

( I think there is a restriction around length of stay - 21 days - but as they are only affiliations the owners may be more willing to earn the medium term income.
Hi Stephen,

Worth trying and searching throught their pages. You can select the options your looking for.

Thanks for the quick responses, yes I'm a member of the C&CC, and a CS would be ideal, but have been trawling their site but it's very long winded - you can't specify your requirements in enough detail. For example - the site seeker option doesn't let you choose MHS (motorhome service point) as a search option.

The site we are currently on is a CS but has no MH easte disposal facility so I'm having to empty in to buckets and carry the grey waste to a a drain.

This is why it was a joy to tour Europe!

I was hoping someone may have a specific recommendation from personal experience :?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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