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Afternoon All

Disaster befell us yesterday evening in Dubrovnik when Gail was part way cooking our Spag Bol when the gas went out. We have a Gaslow system with 2 x 11 kg bottles which we knew were virtually full having filled up in Italy last week.

No end of messing around proved to no avail. Fortunately the Bol was transferred to the Remoska and we had bread instead of the Spag. The worst part, as far as Gail was concerned, was the lack of tea especially this morning.

I contacted Gaslow by phone first thing and Richard talked me through a couple of options - removing the auto changeover valve and connecting the bottle direct to the Truma regulator. Still no joy - plenty of gas but no way will it pass the regulator.

I enlisted the help of a local mechanic who scoured the area for a suitable replacement regulator - Truma 30 m/bar secumotion. Again no luck so I am now trying to make contact with the Truma agent in Zahgreb. Hopefully they will be able to help or failing that a visit to Adria's works in Slovenia is the next option - unless you wise folk on this forum can recommend anything else.

I have been out and now bought an electric kettle and a small butane burner so Gail is now enjoying her PG Tips. I am on my 3rd beer!!

Thanks must go to Richard at Gaslow for his help and advice today.


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Hi, Peter it sounds to me like the regulator has packed up, it happened to us in France last year. It was only a year old! But we managed to find a cheaper replacement and it then worked OK. The fittings seem to be universal, so I would try that and then change to a new Truma type when you return home.
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