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Dodgy Internal Electrics - Need help in South London??

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Hi All,

I have recently bought a Ford Transit that has been converted into a campervan. While she is reasonably pretty, the converter did a crap job with the electrics, some lights don't work and I am completed confused about which of the four batteries in the van the eletcrics are running off... Heading to Europe for three months and we will not always be in a campsite so want to make sure the leisure battery(s) are all ok and working correctly.

Does anyone know somewhere or someone in or near South London that I can take her to to get the electrics checked out. I have been recommended a place called Tam Leisure but the recommendation was from a garage that was going to charge me £1,800 for unnecessary work to get a new MOT. Not sure I want to take it to someone possibly affiliated with these jokers.

Thanks in advance.
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I'd try a small auto electrician, they probably get a few MH's in as we don't like to pay dealer prices, and they will give you an estimate of cost, as most of it is just tracing wires, then telling you what needs to be done.

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