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We're new to this site and motorhomes.

We used to have a Globecar Trendscout campervan but found it very cramped as we have a border collie who travels everywhere with us.
To be honest, I'm struggling to understand why no manufacturer has come up with a good layout that accommodates floor space for a dog, and ideally a secure dog cage so our pampered pouch can travel safely. I've got dozens of designed flying around my head to cater for most scenarios!
And while we're about it, with more floor space I might be able to make enough room to do yoga (no I'm not doing it outside as we mostly travel during the winter months).

Anyway, so we're thinking of upgrading to a motorhome such as a benimar-cocoon-485 and "adapting" it.

Finally my question, how easy is it to remove the fitted furniture and "make good" the hole?

With the benimar-cocoon-485 we'd remove the bench seat between the front passenger seat and the side door and fit a dog cage with a doggy day bed next to it. Hopefully with the table & cage temporarily removed I can do a mini yoga session :)

Alternatively we're looking at either a chausson-welcome-i-778 or a BURSTNER-viseo-i720 and removing the main double bed (and we'd sleep in the lift bed) at the rear of the motorhome and fit the dog cage there keep the rest as clear floor space for yoga.


Thanks in advance,

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Welcome to the forum redrockers.

We have loads of folk on here who travel happily with their dogs either in the main cabin or in the garage with windows and proper air circulation.

All MHs are a compromise. I'd be worried that if you're removing an entire bed you'd lose a fair bit of storage space too. Can you not do your yoga on the bed? (I've never tried it so that might be an ignorant question!) You could even lash the crate on the bed?

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We’ve travelled for 12 years with the hound from hell, a large long haired german shepherd

He allows no one near the MH

Even when travelling

Zebra crossings, red lights a nightmare with a hound on high protection alert

He now travels in the garage, a bespoke window and fan and can bark to his delight to protect his domain

But when we stop he’s in the MH with us, sleeps with us

He’s still confined to the garage with Open wire doors on site whist we come and go due to his protective tendencies , he can see everything that goes on around home

I’m not sure why you think you need a cage

When shadow travelled in the van he did so on a halter attached to the seatbelt as a safety precaution

Other than that he’s free in the MH

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