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Dometic fridge de-gassing disaster

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Last Thursday we arrived on site in the New Forest, near Lymington and a few hours later a sudden overwhelming stench of ammonia envelopes the interior of the van. Opened all windows and doors to get rid of it, but couldn't find out where it came from. Until next lunch time, I take the butter out of the fridge and find it is very soft. Freezer: lost everything etc.
So, turns out there is a sudden leak in the back 'bits' of the fridge (Tec Tower, model RMT 7655L)
I had the recall done on the fridge last year. This was to prevent just such a thing from happening.
The van is from April 2007, so guess what? I am two weeks out of warranty!
I call Dometic and they refer me to my 'nearest' repair man, in Arundel (60 miles away). Then I scout around and find one in Fordingbridge (20 miles away) Anyway, turns out the parts alone would be £ 370 plus VAT, and then the removal/repair/installation as extra. I estimated it to be about £ 500/550 total. A brand new Tec Tower is about £ 650!

So now I call my German Frankia dealer and he says he could do it free of charge. So guess where I am going next week for my next trip.
And to add to the joy, my habitation check is due soon and I am told it is £110 here in the UK. Germany? 45 Euros!

(I can highly recommend the German dealer Mobilpartner in Gutersloh, Germany. On a previous occassion when I was in France and the hydraulics on the front lifting bed went, he arranged an immediate replacement by another dealer close to me.)

Anyone else had a Dometic fridge go so soon? I know I am strictly speaking outside the two year warranty, but as the fridge has been used for only 27 weeks total in two years, surely the fridge should not break down so soon?

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I had the mains heater go - £80 to fix
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