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Looks like a ceramic disc type tap and wil not have washers you can replace.
I suspect scale has just formed on the discs and got trapped causeing it not to seal properly. However they can be damaged by frost causing the ceramic discs to crack.
Normally the handle does just pull off, but you need to be very careful and double check there is no screw under any removable cover or a clip you can access (like a pin hole somwhere).
Sp better you rely on what someone eho really knows says about getting top off.
However - 1st thing to try is vinegar to disolve any scale. Mix a strong solution (1:1 say) , preferably hot) and pour into tap and work tap open and closed. You could also try a bathroom cleaner that remove limescale.-- one of the premixed spray bottle ones - not your strong toilet types. By blowing into pipes you should detect any leaky valve.
Hope this helps, but of you need new ceramic disks I do not know where you get them.
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