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Drop Down Bed Ladder

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Anyone know what sort of ladder is suitable and where we can get one for accessing the drop down bed?

N & B want quite a bit for their one
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Do you really need one? And wasn't is supplied with the 'van?

We don't use ours, it's just stored in the loft at home along with other bits that will be shoved back in the 'van when we sell it. We climb up using the seats as a step; the ladder itself has terrible thin steps that hurt like hell on bare feet :roll:
Bognormike - snap!!

Likewise with our previous A class Pilote and current Frankia A class.

We have 2-ladders with Frankia, both sized for size 5 feet and NO you can using one for right foot & the other for left foot. One is for front bed and the other for rear bunk - different lengths !!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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