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Dual Sim Phones

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I know the question was asked last October but with advances in communications technology I'm wondering if any dual sim phones are now available and if so are they reliable. I have seen adapters on fleabay for around €3 and am thinking they must be rubbish (allegedly).

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Hi Be careful if buying dual sim phones from china or japan settings for phone are not always easy to get from o2, orange and vodaphone
I cannot speak for thier functionality in the UK, but I had come across them before from Pixmania - try this link -
like yourself I'm on the Emerald Isle but have checked out the link. The phones are worth another look but I dont think I would chance the adaptor from them either, just read the write up below and figure for yourself. I cannot make sense of it.

"Solution that allows to unify two cards SIM in a single one. Ideal for which they use two movable telephones, because SIMs in a single one allows to unify two, that is to say, to take a single movable telephone GSM. One is kit that allows to trim the two card

Hi Noel - I know what you mean - sounds like a direct translation using Babelfish from some far eastern site.

I, like you could do with a dual simmer - save me carrying around a work and personal phone, but I need one that allows me to shut down the work one when I'm not on call - I don't think any of them do that yet.

Sure we could design and build it together!!
Niamh & Michael,

How about a green version, recycled bean cans, old string and an off switch courtesy of a scissors. Like you I need to separate work and personal phone as cutbacks bite deeper. I have recently had my work phone withdrawn and now have to bill expenses for business use, this saves having someone in the office manage 100+ phones as all expenses are now done electronically. I will be keeping my number but will need another phone for my own stuff and a dual sim seems like the answer if they are reliable.

Hi Noel,

My phone is so old that the bean cans would be an upgrade in O2's eyes - they still won't upgrade me, as I only use my personal phone to let the wife know when I'm leaving the office (get the dinner on / tell the other fella to go home / put the kids to bed!), and to receive calls. As for the work phone - sure I never use that - but I have to carry it.

I googled "review" and the first phone in the Pixmaia list I sent earlier. I found a decent review of it - and seems to says they are ok to use - but "caveat emptor" - it's a lot of money to pay out if they don't work - but you might be able to claim your money back if it didn't do what it said on the tin!

Check it out -
Hi All, Allegedly they are available in UK
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