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Duetto height?

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this is a simple question !!!

What is the height of my 2000 Duetto including the status aerial please ?

i know loads of you will be saying easy easy i know that ....


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I wil say what most will be thinking and that is go and measure it.
The Autosleepers website says the current Duetto (on Mk 7 Tranny) is 9ft 1ins including aerial.

The Mark 7 is basically the same as a Mark 6 but with new front end, cab and engines so the height should be the same, unless A/S put a different type of Status aerial on there.

Not sure whether the Mk 5 or earlier had a different height.

In any case it looks like you're going to be well under 11ft.


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Thanks for the advice and info. Unfortunately as my van is kept in storage with the manual and i have time limitations etc when to visit i would have measured it myself.
I only have access to a pc during work hours and my laptop has gone funny and i am not a techno bod in any way either to sort it !

Thank you again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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