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Dunkerque- Where to Park?

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Am going Norfolk Line on Wednesday pm crossing - gets to Dunkerque around 2145 - can anyone post info on where to park close to the port - and directions if you have them.

My first trip on this route so am unfamiliar with it, and the first time I will be without my other significant half, who normally drives, and is this is going to be dark - I do NOT want to be driving very far.

Any info, greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Carol. Glad you got sorted without mishap.If you head for Gravelines which is about 6 miles towards Calais you can follow the camping signs which take you to Camping Les Dunes and about 150 yds from the entrance is a car park were you can stay overnight. we stayed there last week with 2 other vans.
John. We had a walk round to the lighthouse and there was a sign saying "not suitable for camping-cars"?
PJ Pity we didn't have your map, we looked but couldnt find, I think we were looking further along the coast. I have an eye problem which flared up so we dived into a campsite on the edge of Dunkerque called La Licorne, not much shade and the toilets not up to scratch for the site fee of 15 euros without electricity.
Cheers Sid
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