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Hello everyone,

Some advice sought if that's OK?

I am about to pop into my local motorhome dealership to ask if their service department can provide and fit all that is necessary for me to live comfortably with electricity in my motorhome.

It would be nice to go in with an insight so I dont look a complete fool and am not sold the all singing and dancing appliances which I won't really need.

So, can anyone explain in simple terms (try and imagine explaining it to a 6 year old :lol: ), the following:

1. What does an inverter do exactly?
2. Is a zig unit and inverter much the same? (I heard you sigh! :lol: )
3. Is there a table that highlights what electric power home appliances will use in order to ration its use?
4. Do you think solar is any good?

I felt stupid asking those but it is me you know. :oops:

Many thanks,

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