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Electrics - bessacar E425

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I am a complete newbie so please cut me a bit a slack re this question.

I have just bought the above MH and it came complete with an LCD standalone tv a small fan heater and a radio . The MH has two in line normal 3 pin sockets .
The TV is a has a power line to to a 12 volt input but both the heater and radio are normal 240 volts
Can these be used in the MH ? when there is mains hook up ? or is it 12 volt only

I am bit confused on what I can and cannot use in the MH things like hair dryers, dvd players etc
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Welcome the this mad world.

If you are connected to a mains hookup then all your equipment will work.

Without a hookup and without a generator your fan heater is a no no.
IF you have a thing called an INVERTER then you may be able to run the hair dryer and toaster. But these dont come as standard on new vehicles.
Your TV sounds like its designed to run from 12 volts. Similarly the DVD player shoul work from 12v.

A hookup also keeps your 12v battery charged.

Have fun

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