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Elnagh Slim 2 '03-What is it like

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Have seen a Elnagh Slim 2 '03 and we are interested in buying it but a couple of things we saw might put us off, they are,no provision to mount tv although aerial is on roof, also would a 2.0 Fiat be man enough , is the blown heating 240v and gas as there is no separate fire.Where is the waste tank. All these would help in deciding to buy so thanking you in advance if you can help.By the way there is so little info on this range is there other drawbacks we are not aware of?.
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TV...either a TV cabinet? or it needs a bracket mounting somewhere convenient.
2Ltr is can always have it chipped or remapped.
The heater may well be in a locker or underneath. It can be mains, gas and/or diesel.....I don't know the model!!
Waste tank will be under the chassis......I guess that the fresh water tank is in a locker?
No particular problems with Elnagh :wink:

Obviously the seller will know all the answers!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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