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The old 2.5TD was the one which Fiat had been fitting into vans for the previous ten(?) years or so. From memory I thought they finally stopped fitting it to new vans in 1999.
Solid old lump to chug around with, but quite a lot of turbo problems with them nowadays, given their age.

The 2.8JTD that replaced the 2.5TD is/was a much better engine.
A lot more power, a lot more torque and comparatively better economy too.
My strong vote would be to go for the 2.8JTD engine. Many more spares around still too.

In all cases take it for a good long test drive, and work the gearbox a lot to ensure no jumping-out of 5th gear problems.
Make sure you get the thing up into top (5th) many times and then put your foot hard down to check for clutch slip too......many people have put engine oil that is too modern/thin into these old lumps (stick to 20/50 mineral oil and you'll be fine), and that causes the crankshaft oil seals to leak, which can then contaminate the clutch plates. Expensive.

Whatever you end up buying, make changing the gear box oil your first priority. On many such vans it's never ever been changed, and that can cause big gearbox failure issues.
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