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Engines 1.9 TD versus 2.0 JD (Bessacarr 435)

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I have been informed that the later engine is far more poweful , equivalent to almost a 2.5 TD (in old money !! ).
Can any kind diesel " Ace" shed light on this topic before I let go some of my hard earned Pension, buying the Bessacarr.
The 1.9 was rugged enuf, if a litlle underpowered, for what I lug about.
Have also heard stories about the problem of starting the later engine.. !!

Help and advice would be appreciated..
Regards Graham & Judith
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I have got a 2litre JTD engine and have no starting problems what so ever, she always fires up first time. Find it plenty powerful enough for my van, which is only a 2 berth 5.3m Fiat but she sails along the motorway,
OK I agree it is not the fastest acceleration for overtaking on ordinary roads, but you come to live with this I have found.
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