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Euroland Scouting trip

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Title - at least that's what I am calling it, things got delayed during the Covid years. Thought I would post some pics and comments as the trip moves along. I am a walking/hiking/cycling type so the trip will be focused on that.
Took the Hull ferry into Europort on Saturday 20th, then its South Holland near Ouddorp for 5 nights and its sunny and warm in the afternoons, misty mornings. Campsite is very good (Brouwersdam) and about 70% full and nearly all Germans. The Dutch understand cycling with their cycleways and its been great this past two days with 41 miles on the clock.
If you did not want to do any heavy driving after arriving then this is a good place to stop (40mins to ferry). There is a Barriered Camperplaatz near Ouddorp but a bit heavy on cost at 42Euro/ night.
Anyway a few pics and I am off to Luxembourg on Friday to my Daughters and will be taking my youngest and my granddaughter to Switzerland/Interlaken/Grindlewald for a week. Promised them last year but passports mess stopped it. More later.
(my Van is the Boxer with the triple coloured stripes)
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Looks great! There's a lot of activity in the water!
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