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out for a meal saturday night, normal what if ?, came up a friend and i were mapping out what type of van we would have, where we would have it built etc if we won the £110 million euro rollover. conversation stopped and looked around to find the rest of the group laughing & saying if you won that amount you would tour around 5 star hotels,or live aboard, not sit in a tin box, my mate put it perfectly, he just said to them "why would i want to do anything else "
we got up to
max 6.5 mtr
no fixed bed
not a fiat
at least 2.8td
2x electric bikes
but who to build it money no object
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Hymer every time! Got to be 7m ish. Like idea of an Island bed that slides. Big fridge. Roof access to view events. Takes little soft top car, possibly.

rugbyken said:
........................................ but who to build it money no object
With that sort of money in the bank - how about your own team of Frankia pensionners? :)
Euro Millions

Well I won last week £6.10 I think it was.

If I won any large amount the first thing I would do is look after my family. Secondly, donate to my favorite charities including the current one on here.

Now then, motorhome. Probably buy two. One for quick overland trips and then a nice medium size cruiser, probably a Hymer S840. Then buy a realy nice villa in Le Rayol-Canadel or Cavaliere. Heated pool, indoor and outdoor. Far Reaching Sea Views over to the Iles d'Hyeres. A few more villas in the neighbourhood for our Daughters and family should they wish to join us.

For now I am back to filing my VAT Return and work or rather lack of it at the moment.

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