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European gas connectors

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I saw an advert some time ago for a set of continental hoses and connectors that claimed to fit most of the bottle types avilable in europe. The set was quite pricey at around £120 I think but I'd like to look at it again. Does anybody know the company or its website, assuming it was kosher and hasn't blown itself up as an internet search has drawn a blank on anything remotely similar
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Its not quite the answer you are afater but Why dont you have a look at narbonne accessories website

they sell different hoses suitable for french bottles for abt 15 euros, if you re struggling with the site order a catalogue which will tell you how and where they also have 50 shops all over france including rouen and lille.

On a personal note, there is a lot of panic about gas, I struggle to get through 11kgs of gas in 3 weeks of no hookup and lots of cooking and some heating/hot water.
For £120 you are half-way to installing Gaslow which solves all your problems both in UK and in €U.

Plus the bonus of cheaper gas and almost universal availability from LPG/GPL garages.
Pippin is correct, although Autogas is not widely available in Spain.

However, Gaslow also do a whole range of adapters to fit on the end of their gas connector pipesto connect to different types of bottle available in UK, Eire and continental Europe. Look here
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