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Excellent Budapest Campground & other Hungary Suggestion

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Haller Camping Budapest

Anyone thinking of Budapest for a few days, we had a really nice few days at Haller Camping.
Found it by chance because it was the closest Campsite on the TomTom to the Centrum of Budapest. I'd highly recommend it to anyone heading to Budapest.
Free washing machines (3) which was a major highlight for us after a month of touring!
5 minute walk to Metro
5 minute walk to large shopping mall.
Within the campground so many small things had been carefully thought out which inspired me to write a quick note recommending it.
Waste Hole, well positioned for easy dropping either side of vehicle. Long hose near by makes filling up easy.
Long hoses all around the campground makes it so easy not having to shift the vehicle for refilling tank.
Showers & Toilets, We always use our Camper shower but facilities were well maintained & clean.
Free Wifi but was told some GB laptops have trouble accessing it. Our kiwi laptop was fine for skype but couldnt access emails. We did pick up another wifi which worked fine for emails.
Lots of space, over 200 pitches as they have just taken on some more land recently. There are 9 hard concrete standing sites so maybe email to reserve a spot, but during summer I dont think hard standing will be necessary.
Electricity 16 amp. (The new land will also have electricity withing the next 2 months I was told)
GPS co-ordinates: N 47 28 548
E 19 04 990
Road name: Obester Utca 2
Per night Price for 2 people & Motorhome is 6400 Ft which is roughly €22 (but the 4th night is free so ends up being €16.50/night)
BONUS: Every 4th night is free.
The 2 young guys Benko & Panigay operating the campground are extremely polite and helpful with excellent English.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (1) 4763418
Mobile: (30) 2636938
The Thermal baths are a must. There are several baths to choose from, we enjoyed Szechenyi Thermal Baths which was easy to get to by metro.
Also the Labrintus is worth a look, its a nice change from museums etc. Its one of 7 underground wonders of the world. Its a maze of tunnels under castle hill, believed to date back many centuries. They were used for different things during different periods in history (shelter, storage, etc.) But more recently was used as an air-raid shelter during World War II. You can visit during the day with it fully lit or later in the evening there is tours by lantern. Unfortunately some recently done modern art sculptures & cave paintings are abit cheesy. Free wifi down there as well.

Other great places we recommend in Hungary to visit are:
Heviz (Themally heated lake)
Tapolca (boat trip in underground caves below the city)
Eger (Szepassony volgy- means "valley of the beautiful women" its a awesome valley of wine cellars you can do tastings at & also purchase 2L plastic containers of wine for less than €3)
The campground Tulipan is in stumbling distance from the wine valley and a short bike ride from the town centre. It has excellent facilities & is very reasonably priced at 3000Ft/night, about €10/night without electricity or 3700Ft = €13 with electricity. Eger town itself is also very nice, with excellent thermal baths which was great the day after a night of overindulgence in the wine valley.
Eger Tuliipan Camping co-ordinates N 47 53 662
E 20 21 564
Road name. Szepassony Volgy Utca
Tokaj is famous for its dessert wine, another great area for tastings and purchasing. Bottles of wine are matured in the long underground cave corridors. We wild camped on the street leading into town but there are two campgrounds on the other side of the river.

I hope this helps anyone that is considering Hungary for touring.
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Wow what an informative post !
Also in the ASCI book so with the card it is 15 euro a night. Currently raining here at the moment though hence stuck in van on the net!
Excellent post.

We are visiting Hungary in September so please post any other advice you find along the way!
Hi we live 5miles from Heviz. There are loads of campsites around, most full with German vans at the moment. I have seen prices from 10 euros per day but not having used any can't give an opinion.
Haller Camping Budapest

Currently on this campsite (along with 5 or 6 other GB reg vehicles!). Everything in the first post from 2009 is still valid. Cost me 14.80 Euros with EHU for one night and they are happy to take Euros which is handy if you are just passing through as you won't need to change money. Also free wi-fi working well - listening to today's "Sound of the Sixties" on iplayer as I write!

Also filled up with diesel at a Hungarian Tesco hypermarket for £1.12/litre.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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