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External Door Hinges

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I have some quick Question on hinges.
The hinges on my Garage door have stiffened and seized so I have bought new ones and am in the process of fitting them.
And now for the questions.
Is it better to grease these hinges or not on the shaft?
If yes which type of grease?

I have manages to disassemble one of the original ones and the re is no trace of grease in side, perhaps the reason they seized after only 4 years of use.

Many thanks for any assistance>

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Well I guessed the a bit of LM Grease could not do any harm so I gave it a thin film> I also took the very stiff one and cleaned the shaft but fore greasing it and it worked fine. So I will also try with the seized one later to have spares.
now to find some of the little screws that hold the hinge to the door as the ones on it are a bit worn now. And replace he small roller spacers that support the gas rods.

i,ve had this problem repeatedly on my Geist, all the outside locker door hinges kept going stiff.i dismantled and cleaned them all and re-assembled them with copper grease on the shafts, they have been ok since, cheers Roger
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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