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F.A.O. Hezbez - and others.

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Hi Hez

Have a look in our new FAQ Guides section.

You may find some useful reminders if you scan down >> this one <<.

Grizzly is nothing if not thorough ( 8O ) but I'm sure you will find a few helpful hints by the time you reach the bottom of her list. :D

Hope this helps

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Hi Zeb,

I just don't know why you think I would need this info :? :lol:

Seriously though, very useful for 'virgins' like me. Although I am somewhat reassured as I can tick off a lot of the things on the list already.

I would hate to upset Grizzly, but I reckon I would need three vans to carry all that lot. 8O

It is very useful though, just to run your eyes down and decide if you've got it, forgot it, or don't want it anyway! :D

Check lists

That is an amazing list!

Two things to add, surprisingly.

- in the Before Moving Off list, we have "Bed strapped up" . . .

-The people we bought our van from suggested putting Milton in the grey water tank, which is brilliant, even a bit of a tablet down each sink outlet stops it getting whiffy.

Hi Helen

Grizzly is doing market research for MHF at the moment . . . in Italy!!! :wink: 8O :lol:

Suggest you send her those suggestions when you see her posting again, and if she agrees, I or one of the other Mods will add them to her list.


check lists

Market Research, eh? That's a tough job. How very noble!

I jest of course - in case anyone thinks she really is on a jolly. 8O :lol:

I think they are due back in a week or so, but not sure.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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