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Failed fosterers...we are weak!

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After succesfully fostering three dobes for a rescue, we have given in on #4, and he will be joining our girl on trips out in the van....
Here is my fave pic of him vegging out in the Harvey Jr...

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What a lovely looking dog. Fostering a dog is as much of a challenge as fostering a child. Full credit to you. You are obviously as much of a softy as me with dogs.

What a gorgeous hunk of loveliness! oh and the dog as well - steady on Russ!

Greenie :lol:
Why, when we look into those eyes, are we not surprised that you fell for him? :lol:
Thanks...he is rather lush and who can say no to this face...

Not sure Maple is quite thrilled by it all...

I am chipping him tonight and he starts his pet passport process tomorrow. Another year not leaving UK> but worth it! :p
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The second pic of him has the look of a 'meercat' about it! lovely boy!
He is beautiful I can see how you couldnt resist. :lol:
Aw he is a lovely looking dog, will he be with you until rehomed or is he with you to stay ?
He is staying, hence we are failed fosters...

Funnily enough was speaking to lady at the Newbury show and she asked had we failed yet, whe we said one was a foster...she then showed me her van with several dogs tucked up inside.... :lol:
As soon as i saw Dobe rescue i wondered :wink:

Knew you would FAIL, Harvey is gorjuss so i'm not suprised at all :lol:

I know i was chatting you , i have the whippet , chinese crested and crested pup , i have fostered for a lurcher rescue and the last one Lola is now with Hippypair from this site (At the mo Lola is back with me as they are on the French rally )

I am sure Maple loves him , really :roll: :lol:

Super dog.... we foster them too. Failed completely with the mutt in the avatar and nearly failed with the 40 kilo oaf-hound below. It's really challenging and best of luck.

14 week old Alsatian puppy on the way tomorrow for a few days - she won't stay long, very pretty and very gentle


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My friend took in a rescued greyhound. He was gorgeous. Anyway, she wanted to do all she could for Greyhound Rescue Wales - fund-raising, selling raffle tickets and then fostering......

She took in Judy to foster. Couldn't give her up when the time came. I think she worked so hard with her as she'd been mistreated it was too much of a wrench to let her go.
Sounds like Harvey Jnr has fallen on his feet :D
Kudos to you for the fostering and giving number 4 a permanent home.
Had a trip down to a campsite near Bridport and managed to capture this little moment of Forest Gumpness!

and a chill out moment

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Frank. I have thousands! Check out here
Need a password Debs have you done what I did and sent the wrong link
Urm yes, looks like it!
try putting in dobermann
On the 'ed mate...

With his chick Maple...

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