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Faulty Heater Fan

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Hello out there in the outback!!
Can any of you boffins tell me why the heater fan in our Fiat Ducato only works on setting 4? If I turn it to any other setting there is nothing!
I have changed the heater switch contol on the dashboard, but the same result.
Very frustrating!!!
If anyone has any ideas / comments I would love to hear them.
Yertiz :evil:
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Someone pointed me in the right direction on the old site when I had the same trouble.
Mine was on the side of the fan housing under the dash and was easy to get out, just 2 screws I think. I didn't replace the whole assembly but got a replacement resistor from a TV repair shop for £2 and soldered it in myself :D
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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