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There are three rouues Uk - Belgium as far as I am aware.

1) Transeuropa - Ramsgate/Oostende - and you can pitch overnight at Ramsgate docks if you are on the 0400 sailing to Ostend.

2) Norfolkline - Edinburgh - Zeebrugge -

3) P&O ex Hull to Zeebrudgge -

Other choices are Norfolkline to Dunkerque - almost at the Belgian border, or P&O Dover/Calais - plus other operators.


Edit - just though - Stena Line from Harwich to the Hoek van Holland. Not far from the Belgian border. You might get a good deal if you use the UK as a land bridge and use Stena for both the Irish and North Sea crossings.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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