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smart box & gearing

This topic came up on the old site, and I was interested because my van seemed disappointingly slow for a 2.8.
Comments I received included the option of chipping, and the allegedly indifferent quality control / compliance with specs of the Fiat 2.8.
The provision of a lower 5th gear, and the power increase option on newer Fiats suggests the increase in weight and wind resistance on a coachbuilt vehicle is something that Fiat are aware of.
Since a good proportion of their product goes to motorhome buyers, it is in their interests to introduce ways of improving performance and enjoyment for owners.
I use my vehicle for commuting 2 or 3 days a week, and I have found it travels faster eastwards than westwards. The road where this is manifested is the Sheffield to M1 Parkway. The gradient is predominantly downhill eastward.
On the way out I can usually run at 70+ with very little throttle, and 85 is achievable without stress.
On the way back I usually keep in 4th to attain 65+ or accept 55 to 60 in 5th.
On the rare occasions when there is no westerly wind, it has been known to achieve 70 in 5th on the same road.
On a vehicle this size, the wind resistance has a more substantial effect than I had anticipated.
I plan to install the van Aaken Smart Box in the near future, but don't regard it as a means to run at high speeds, but more as an aid to comfortable driving.
Cleaning the flies from the luton is not a job I relish.
If anyone has the smart box installed please let us know your experience.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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