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Fiat Ducato 2004 - Sigma M30 Security Fobs

I may as well add my twopennyworth to this thread - I bought my 2004 2.3TD Ducato based Rapido last year from a dealer and it came with all the original (Brownhills) documentation including the RED Brownhills security handbook explaing the workings of the SIGMA M30 security system.

The MH came with 2 sets of Fiat keys which both had a RED security activation fob (Sigma AC110 fobs) on the keyrings. if you want to just lock the van then use the Fiat keys - if you want to activate/immobilise the van then use the RED security fob.

Within 3 weeks of acquiring the vehicle - I had a case of my 'primary' fob not de-activating the immobiliser AT A TESCOS FILLING STATION !! Fortunately I had the briefcase with all the documentation with me and, after pre-positioning a couple of bollards to stop people stacking up behind me, and after speed reading the Brownhills RED book , I tapped the PIN CODE into the mini keypad on my windscreeen ( I had been wondering what that was) and the padlock symbol cleared on my dash and I was able to start the engine.

When I got home I found that the 'backup key/fob ' worked OK - so now I'm in the process of replacing what was my primary fob. I've tried the SIGMA "re-learn your keys process" but the alarm system doesn't want to to know the duff fob - I've located a SCORPION dealer ( SIGMA got sold to TOAD who got sold to SCORPION ) and he has a AC110 fob for sale but wants £40 for a new fob - I'm checking with some other outlets but I'm going to have ot bite the bullet before the serious touring gets underway.

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