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Can one of the firefighter technical bods please confirm a niggling doubt.

Does repeated exposure to smoke (say by regular testing) eventually reduce the effectiveness of ionising smoke detectors?

I ask this because we had a little incident in the kitchen at home a few weeks ago.

Her indoors accidentally left a boiled egg aboiling on the electric cooker when she became her outdoors for a couple of hours.

When she returned the three smoke detectors were shouting their heads off and there was exploded boiled egg literally all over every inch of the kitchen.

The pan had boiled dry and had luckily just jumped to a different part of the hob away from the still glowing ring.

I have checked/replaced the detector batteries as necessary.

However, although the detectors test OK with their buttons they seem not to be quite as sensitive to the frequent making of toast activation that we previously enjoyed.

Just wondering if the prolonged exposure has reduced their detection efficiency.

Any knowledgeable comments?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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