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First Aid kits

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I did a wonderful and amusing post requesting a first aid kit list incorparating lots of smiles but it disapeared and I cant find the post I was refering too either... Im shure it as one by Justice.............

Anyway before I fall asleep.........

I have just remembered that we have no first aid kit and was told a long time ago that you are better off making up your own since the 'shop' ones dont have all the nesceceray (sic) bits.

So could anyone advise on what is needed or a good brand? Im shure I have the obvious like bandages, sisccors, plasters, tweezers but everyone has there own 'special' they find invaluble.

Many thanks and good night!
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We do a belt and braces job.

We have a Red Cross box about 12" x 8" x 4" bought complete which we don't use and hope we never have to.
In addition we have a couple of large plastic margarine boxes in which we keep just about everything already in the marked box and in addition the items previously mentioned. The only item I would draw attention to is antihistamine cream, perhaps a little stronger than for midge bites.

Why duplicate?
It is compulsory to carry a first aid kit in some continental countries and always having the one unused is insurance against having a depleted one and perhaps falling foul of the law. It also ensures that should anyone else be looking for the first aid box in our can they will have no doubt when they see it and it will be complete.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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