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First Aid kits

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I did a wonderful and amusing post requesting a first aid kit list incorparating lots of smiles but it disapeared and I cant find the post I was refering too either... Im shure it as one by Justice.............

Anyway before I fall asleep.........

I have just remembered that we have no first aid kit and was told a long time ago that you are better off making up your own since the 'shop' ones dont have all the nesceceray (sic) bits.

So could anyone advise on what is needed or a good brand? Im shure I have the obvious like bandages, sisccors, plasters, tweezers but everyone has there own 'special' they find invaluble.

Many thanks and good night!
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What we did was go and have a look what was in a a reasonable sized kit then bought the bits and put them in a plastic container. It has bandages, plasters, triangular bandage, scissors, tweezers, and the remedies that you and yours may use for midge bites etc.

An eye wash wouldnt go amiss,. For those of with ticker problems a spare GTN spray or those with respiratory problems spare brown and blue sprays. Diabetics - a Mars bar for those emergencies. Any body else got anything to add
Gills thread about duplication also brings up the issue of bulbs and fuses which we are required to carry in most countries. I must admit I carry more than needed for this very reason oof being asked by officials if I have them
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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