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First time

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Hi All,

hope you all had a good Bank Holiday.

Further to my previous notes, we picked up our Burstner 747 last Friday and on Sunday we went of to Dorset for 3 nights to try everything out.

2 hours to pitch up including the setting up of the Safari room.

First day OK, tried heating in the evening worked well, needed more Fresh water because of kids showers.
Emptied the toilet because I thought it must be nearly full by now.

Later that night I was last to turn in, checked toilet and could see that the RED POWER LIGHT was on therefore working OK.
Following morning kids went to the loo and it over flowed, wished the thing had some sort of warning light.
Anyway, sorted out loo, mopped up and I am now covered in water.

RED light has gone off, check book, Mmmmmmmm, the red light was the warning light that told us it was full!

So, 2nd night, check red light was off, it was, I was last to bed. 05:25 the following morning busting for the loo, I rush to the toilet while everyone slept, bloody RED light is on!
I rushed, in light rain to the cassette and take it out, run from the awning to the convenient sited waste area in bare feet and not much else, bloody thing is blocked.
Rushed back to the van, put on trousers, shoes etc, (busting, I mean, really busting,) run to the toilet block about 8 miles away (it felt this way but in truth about 300 Mtrs)

Re-packed the van in a sensible manner.

B-B-Q on our new set, had 4.5Kg bottle but no regulator, went to replace gas bottle, no problem, went to buy new regulator to match, did not sell them?
So pay difference to convert bottle to match regulator they sold.


Overall, the Van was easy to drive despite its size and offered great space for storage and people.

The 240V/80watt Air Cooler from BA&HQ worked well while traveling running off the Invertor

And a big thank you for all those people who waved and/or flashed lights, I felt really loved! so don't stop

Problems to resolve:
Tear in Awning caused by the extra tension bar
Seam on rear of cushion came undone.
Dip light warning symbol does not come on.
Can't hang the awning curtains because of missing rods.
Fresh water tank reading 50% understating casing unnecessary filling.

Did I like it, well, I felt like a butler to the Van but after the rush of everyone leaving on the Monday the site relaxed in to a more informal manner and got chance to meet with some very nice people and learnt a little bit more about life and of course motorhoming.

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Glad to hear you enjpyed yourself, we have only been out in ours twice so far and we loved every minute of it. As always you are learning something new, we never had a spanner to change bottles. It was a good job we were with the everyone from here on the Midlands site.

Enjoy it
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