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I would be surprised if you had to destroy the brake light lens to access the lamps inside (perhaps its LED’s?) so there must be an alternative access point. Have you checked inside the van to see if there is any removable panels etc.?

28mm is a rather large hole, is that for the plug to go through, or are you mounting the camera body in that hole?

Before cutting any holes in your bodywork. A couple of questions, is this a set-up you have created your self or is it an off the shelf system? The reason I ask is that not all cameras are suitable as reversing cameras as some have a too narrow angle of vision. You do need at least 100 degree angle of vision, but 120 is far better. May I suggest you test your system by mounting the camera using tape, bluetack etc. on the back, running the cable in through a roof light. Then you can see if you get a good angle of vision (both ends of your bumper plus a couple of feet either side, and at least about 10 feet behind the vehicle.

If the above is successful, then mount the camera as a permanent installation.
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