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Fixing solar panels to the roof of RV

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got two 60w solar panels 1.0m by 1.6m each
I want to fix them to the roof for touring to france and italy during summer.
How do I fix them - glue - screw - frame - etc?
Is it worth being able to adjust the angle or not?

thanks for help

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If you want maximum output then they always need to face the sun.

If you want maximum convienience and security then you fix them to the top of the roof.

If you want both then you spend a fortune on a lump of satellite kit that points the panel sunwards automatically!

Most of us just fix them to the roof and have as much "real estate" as we can afford / have space for.

Solar panels work best with lots of sun but dont want to get too hot, so gluing them directly onto a polystyrene insulated roof is not the best idea. If you can elevate them about 25mm or so above the roof on a couple of spacers so that air can get beneath them they will work a bit better.

Many people use Sikaflex to glue them on. If you have time to let it cure you don,t need any screws, however you need to feed the cables in somewhere through a water tight fitting (sold in caravan accessory shops) and route them to the REGULATOR which is very important.

If you have some roof rails then string a couple of aluminium angfle strips between these and mount the panels onto them.

Its horses for courses.

Take care

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AireAndSun do elevating rails so you can angle the panels to the sun during winter months when the sun is low.
Hi Rick,

the simplest way would be to buy a pair of mountings from somewhere like Outdoor Bits or and then stick them on the roof using sikaflex

see here for example

Using this type of fixing saves the need for using wind deflectors.
Don't forget that you will also need a regulator.

It's most important to use the correct size wire otherwise you could loose up to 20% of your power through voltage drop. Kyocera recommends using 4 mm multi strand.

Finally in my opinion it isn't worth angling the panels as this would mean constant moving of the MH to keep lined up and if you are going to France and Italy in the summer then 2 x 60W flat would work ok Not to mention of course that you have to remember to let them down before moving off etc.

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Can't help with advice except to mention that there are several different types of 'Sickaflex' used for different purposes: you need to make sure you use the correct one. I don't know the number offhand; maybe 'someone who knows' could mention it.

Good point Harvey

I believe its Sikaflex 512



I used the Fiamma Rail System to install ours.

Homemade solar panel fixing


Have now fixed two panels on aluminium roof

Decided to use pretreated and coated wooden 45mm sq battens with 28mm water pipe clips which fit the frame. Glued battens down and can now angle the panel in all four directions as the frame rotates inside the clips. So far so good - cost me £3 per frame

Solid as a rock and used grub screws to hold frame when travelling
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