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Fonera internet access

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Anyone have experience using FON to access the internet. Web Page Name
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I have tried on a few occasions to get on line at a Fon hotspot where I can park the van reasonable close and up to date its not been sucessfull. Because its so easy to use trustive or an AKI card with repsol gas station hotspots or Vodafone mobile internet I have given up trying FON. Patience is not my strong point if its not easy I its no good to me.
I opted into Fon through my BT broadband and in over 12 months the only one I have connected to is my own.
Most locations abroad in France and Spain must be in holiday homes as there is no sign of a signal.
I even went on the local hotspots nearest to me and sat outside the house with no luck.Needless to say mine is now inactive although it may tell you it is still a hotspot on the website.A good idea but not in practice.
That is pretty much what I was thinking. Not only are they unreliable but since they are in homes for the most part one has to go searching through unfamiliar neighborhoods to get close enough to use one.

I recently got an email from them about their new router so I thought about it again, still not a good idea for campers anyway.

I did once check it out here in Belluno and of the 4 listed I was able to find and connect to one but as mentioned it was on a narrow little residential street.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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