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France Equestrian for kids

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Hello, we are off to France 14th July for one month, first to Disney for 3 days, after heading towards Biscarosse. 4 kids age 7, 10, 12 & 16 would like to do 2/3 days horse/pony riding, anyone know or experienced an equestrian centre either with a campsite or with motorhome parking? Thanks Frank
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The only one most of us will know will be this if I am guessing right it is next to the Aire where you can stay I think for around €7 an night with hook up if you are lucky.

Have a fear of horses so don't really take much notice otherwise.

Nice cycle rides around here and plenty of beach for the children too. :)

Hi Plankton, this site HERE
has a centre right across the road from it. Could be in a good position for your route....
Disney & Equestrian


At Berny Riviere there is this Superb Family Campiste La Croix Du View Pont.

There is an Equestrian Centre accross the road that has everything from Ponies to Full Size Chevals for Adults. You can take the kids out with a Pony or you can go out on a 45 min guided tour (I have even given it a go).

They have more but you may need to contact them direct. I cannot find the place on but if you call the campiste direct they will have the number.

You can also Visit EuroDisney from the Campsite, it has its own Luxury coach. But when you mention 3 days, I assume you will be staying nearby.

If you have any more questions, please ask.

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I do know that France takes its horsey things very serious - I ended up with the Mayor of a small town in Brittany last weekend at the prize-giving of some equestrian event. He even persuaded me to pin on a rosette, and this is from someone who doesn't know one end of a horse from the other!

I am sure that you will find something quite easily.

Try a Google search on "Centre Equestre" plus the area you are looking at.

Incidentally asabrush your feet only have four toes


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