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Frankia ground clearance, too low

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Hello all, Our van is on a 5ton Fiat Alko with twin rear axles. Great van, great to drive but where Fiat meets Alko it is far too near the ground, less than 100mm clearance. I have checked and all axle weights are OK. I need to raise it up as I got stuck on a low kerb entering a site a few weeks ago and it regularly grounds on speed bumps etc. Recommendations please, and who can do whatever work for me, Regards, Alan.
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Goldschmitt do a number of potential solutions for your problem.

1. 50mm longer front springs will lift it at the front slightly

2. If its an X250 Ducato then they have just launched an air suspension system for the front axle that will allow you to alter the ride height.

You can find them at

They are in Germany though!

All the best

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Thanks David, I emailed Goldschmitt a few weeks ago but so far no reply. I will try again, Regards, Alan.
Saw a similar problem from a Rapido owner on another site. Unbelievable that they get away with it. Same base same alko chassis so not down to Frankia only. I'd be very miffed if I payed top dollar for a top van and found it bellied out on speed ramps. Complain at a high level, this is just wrong.
Derek, I appreciate what you are saying, but I am not sure I can be bothered to argue about it. I do think that Frankia is a top van, as you say, but they do have a few short comings, as they all do. We have had the shower base crack up, now replaced, the threshold at the habitation door has the door rubber right round it and over time it has come apart due to us walking on it. The step inside the van is faced with a thin bit of aluminium which, again through time has become battered and began to catch on peoples shoes. I replaced both with a nice peice of folded stainless steel. What I am saying is all vans (and boats) have their faults regardless of reputation or price. I would rather fix the little things myself than suffer the stress of trying to get action from a dealer or manufacturer who really cannot be bothered.

I may be mistaken about the dealers and manufacturers, but I do not think so. You know the make of the van, the dealer is Spinney (who are as good as any I have dealt with). If I am wrong about dealers and manufacturers I am sure they will see this post and offer to help.

I hope that wasn´t a complete rant, Regards, Alan.
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hi alan

We did an upgrade for a customer not to long ago. The springs where 35mm higher but when fitted it lifted it by 50mm, a considerable difference

Have pictures but they will not load on

Regards Mark
Thanks Mark, Can you give me an idea of price please. Are you the same Mark who was workshop foreman at TB Turbo, Thanks Alan.
Hi Alan

You are looking at about £460 Including Vat and fitting

And yes i am the same mark who was workshop foreman at TB TURBO

Regards Mark
Really hope that sorts it out for you but I would have thought that should be done at the manufacturers. Thanks for sharing it, maybe prospective buyers of similar chassis will be able to haggle a similar upgrade before buying. Good luck anyway, Derek.
Thank you all. Mark can you give me your contact details so we can talk and make an arrangement for you to do the work.

Derek, I will take photos and try to post them when I get the work done, Regards, Alan.
Hi Alan

Yes C & M Auto Services, 01524 843721

Regards Mark
If anyone wants to know I have spoken to Mark and arranged to have the work done. He is in Lancaster not far from the old TB Turbo site. I will post after the work is done and let anyone who wants to know how it works out, Alan.
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