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free phone calls

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three is now providing free phone calls on there phones that have skype on them before you had to top up with £10 and you got three months use of skype but now you don't even need to top up and you get free calls on skype all the time. this is very handy if a family has three phones with skype because they never have to pay for a call. me and my wife have one so if she is shopping and gets lost i can phone her for free. ps ....thats if i want to find her. thought this maybe of interest to someone you can get the three sim cards from three stores for just £1.99 not bad for free calls.
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Hi williamd

I think that there might be a sting in the tail here. Skype calls are only free over the internet and you have to purchase that service before you can make a skype call on a '3' phone. The internet add-on is currently 50p/day up to £5/month on a phone - if you use the internet a lot then it may be worthwhile, if not, it could make your occasional call expensive.

I am a cynical old sod, and cannot see '3' offering a free service in direct competion to themselves, without making something out of it. Remembering that you are restricted to making calls to other Skype phones, it may be better to pay £10/month to be able to make calls to any other mobile or landline.

Regards, Roger
i have not got it wrong i did not say you could phone any mobile phone i said you have to phone one that had skype on it or any computer with skype on it meaning you do not have to be stuck at a computer you can phone from anywhere you can get a signal on your phone. and i repeat it iis( FREE) yes (FREE) there is no sting in the tail as you say. i know what i am talking about because i am doing it. the reason three are doing it is in a bid to fetch down the price of calls plus i know they may hope they sell some more phones with skype on them but can you blame them for that. i will repeat skype to skype calls FREE to any thee phone with skype on it or any computer with skype on it without the need to put any credit on the phone.
i don't know about you but if i have the chance to phone my wife or anyone else i no with a three phone with skype on it i would rather call them for free than pay £10 a month to call them or am i missing some thing you did not have to buy an internet add on before this offer you just had to top up £10 a month and you got 3 months access to skype. but as i said now you don't even need to do that so where this internet add on has come from i do not know.
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