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french camping - Castels sites

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As anybody out there spent any time at the les castels parks.
Although they are expensive is it a case you get what you pay for.
Thanks Dave
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Hi Dave

Yep you pays your money and with Castel sites you get a good standard where ever you go.

We have used them as caravaners in the past and swore by them but not now we have motorhome. But then that is personal choice. If you want certainty that it will be clean etc then you can't go wrong in my experience.


We used a few last year, excellent sites, all mod cons and usually a bar to boot. :roll:
Yup, we used them as caravanners. Cannot fault them.

They have a good 'loyalty type scheme' which reduces the cost of low season camping.
Last year you could get the card free from CC. Whether that applies this year I do not know but you can get it from their own website.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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