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Depends on how it is wired.

I had a similar problem on an Autosleeper Trident a good few years ago.

The fridge was wired across the leisure battery, but via a relay that sensed output from the alternator (i.e. the fridge was only in 12V circuit with the engine running).

In theory, if it was in circuit the battery should also be being charged. I arrived at Keswick late one evening with a very flat leisure battery. Finally discovered the fuse in the engine charging circuit to the leisure battery had blown (probably my fault, as I had been tinkering earlier). In travelling north, the fridge had rapidly drained the leisure battery, but the battery wasn't being charged.

I had previously thought the fridge 12v was wired across the alternator circuit directly, not the leisure battery. (if you think about it though, you still need a 12v supply on all but piezo ignition fridges when on site)

If your battery charges up from the engine without the fridge on, it doesn't look like this is your problem. If you're charging from mains on site though (which is what I did) may be a clue.

Replacing the fuse in the engine charging circuit to the leisure battery fixed the problem. (you'd need an instruction book, a wiring diagram, or to trace the wiring to find where it is).
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