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fridge on gas not cooling

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Hi everyone
I have for some time my dometic fridge (RM4230S) in the MH not cooling when on gas though it fires without any problem. I had it removed and cleaned the burning chamber myself but the problem continues. There must be something which I failed to understand and need an advise from an expert. Do you know of someone in my area (10 miles) I could ask and take the MH so as to solve the problem. When I took it to the motorhome dealer for service and MOT last October they did not solve the issue though I thought they had.
I live in Borehamwood (hertfordshire). Post code WD7 9BB
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Is it working OK on electric? If it isn't any good on both, you could have an air circulation problem - ie it's not getting enough air circulation through the vents to work properly. Mine was playing up when the weather was warm and I fitted a small computer fan in the vent space & it's fine now. I have a remote switch to control it. 8)
hi gpg1963, try the fridge on 12v and 240v first and if it doesnt chill down then you have an airlock in the pipework on the back of the fridge. mine used to do this from time to time and the cure was to remove the fridge and turn it upside down for 24 hours and then put it back and it would work again for the next few months until doing it again. if your fridge is easy to remove then its not a huge problem but you can guarantee it will happen again when you least need it!!! i got another fridge off of ebay in the end. all the best sean
Hi thanks for your reply
The fridge works fine on electrics (12 and 240) only gas is not cooling though it lights up and seems to burn well because I can see the light from the inside of the fridge. Yes even when is on levelled ground when on gas it makes no difference while on electrics though in a slite slope it works fine. I have no idea why it does not cool.
Hello gpg1963.
You say the burner has been cleaned.???
Has the inspection plate been taken off completely so you can shove a furry flue brush up the burner tube.?? Most important as rust and scale can deflect the gas flame and heat from the desired spot.

Also the jets need properly cleaning out and not just a quick blow over. Often soot and carbon drop into the slots and block part pf the flame.
Can't be too thorough here.

The reaction that makes the fridge cold is driven by heat, so it follows that if the unit is cooling in 240V then the cooling reaction is taking place verifying the integrity of the coils. In case you've never looked inside one of these units all of the heating elements act on one piece of pipe. So if the gas is lit then something is preventing the heat transferring into the pipework.

So possibly the flame is'nt big/hot enough. IE blocked jet or the gas pressure is too low. Or the flu is obstructed by rust/scale/spiders etc.

Either way this need fixing because you dont want to be producing excessive Co. This can in certain circumstances find its way into the hab area, & you know what that means.

Let us know how you get on.

Hi all
about my fridge not cooling on gas, now it finally does. I had to contact the Dometic agent and he changed the burning chamber. Simple work but I did not want to mess about by doing it myself. It cost £80 but now I can enjoy the cool beer in the hot european summer.
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