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Friesan Islands

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Nearly 300 Euros to get across from Harlingen to Terschelling, a bit steep for my liking.

Think I'll give it a miss...........or is it really worth it?

Anybody been?

Any advice?
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I've flown over them all from Texel to Sylt and thought they were all fabulous (from 500ft at least) Not sure that I would pay 300 euros for just one though. Make your way up to Sylt and check that one out.


Terschelling is lovely, went there for a holiday years ago. It is one of the larger Islands. Not much to do but lovely countyside and beaches.

We are off the Holland in April and I also looked at the crossing and thought the same, it is very expensive. But have a look when you get there as there may be better deals
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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