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We're going for it. Jim 2 years off retirement, still working for now, has a house from his previous relationship that was sold that was going to finance a newer MH, possibly an RV. I was made redundant, and put my house on the market as his house was sold thought we'd be off. I'm in late 40's so cannot retire, but luckily enough bought 1st house off ex husband in early 80's so have equity which I plan to save some to eventually buy Spain, maybe France, but once we've had a chance to look round, and spend some, ie our living expenses. I figure you only live once, I married and had children young and never really had chance to travel. Well I see this as my chance. Don't know what will happen about my pension, but hey not living my life to see if I get there. Talked to kids about spending their inheritance, they say spend it and enjoy. So think we're maybe nuts. Have no particular plan except to book ferry when everythings sorted and my new Grandson arrives in Tamworth in August, and see where we head up. Will probably take slow trek down France, Hopefully stopping at Normandy and Brittany as I've never been there. Go to Sanguli in Salou before it closes in October (my daughter and 2 other grandchildren live near there). Then we'll maybe get maps out, and over a glass of cava decide where to go next. Just waiting for survey to clear. Love to read that there seems to be no regrets with those that have done it.
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Hi Dora :D
Go for it girl :D
I am a similar age to you and started 'fulltiming' 4 years ago & have no regrets 8)
Re your pension...You can make voluntary contributions and your local tax office can advise on this.....So no probs there :D
Our kids (they are always our kids aren't they :lol: ) are also happy for us to be in the S.K.I club & have visited & stayed with us in some wonderful locations....So no probs there either 8)
No plans (but lots of reference & 'aires' books) has also worked for us 8)
Good luck & enjoy.
Best wishes Catherine
and good luck wish i could do it .
but i have started looking at my pension you can get all the info you need on your pension by phoneing 0845 3000168 just done mine today
I am one month in now and absolutely love it. I wish you all the best and hope you have the adventure of your life.


I have no regrets and have been fulltiming for 2 1/2 years. I am likely to be returning to bricks and mortar soon (offers in place) but only of the property price is right.

A lot of planning is needed though. For example, make sure you remain on the electoral register - not just for voting, but should you need a loan, credit card or even a mobile phone contract, being in the electoral register is a powerful tool in relation to credit searches etc.

We Did It!!, Well half way there. My house completed last week and we moved into our Euramobile and sited ourselves in a lovely place in Kent. I never realised how painful it would be to move like this. Those that have already gone fulltiming - How did you get rid of your stuff?, we sold nearly all our furniture and I binned and charity shopped loads. We've still struggled to get the rest into a very expensive 100 sq ft storage room. But how do you get rid of everything, the ornaments the children made you, collection of albums etc
Whatever, one whole week of living in our motorhome with 2 dogs and a cat (who'd never been in the motorhome before), not one regret, just wish the weather wasn't so windy. Looking forward to Jims house completing and then we can get the american motorhome and spread out, or decrease the storage room at least.
Look out Shepton Mallett we're on a spending spree!!
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Hi Dora

Well done on making the move. Do any of the children have space in a loft for all your nik-naks?

On a slightly different tack, we recently retired and downsized from a large victorian terraced house to a 2-bedroomed bungalow. We needed to get rid of a load of stuff (via charity shops and Ebay). Whenever I picked up something that I thought I'd like to keep, Annie said "new life". We each had one storage boxes for keepsakes. The rest went. I think you need to be brave :wink:

Good luck with your new adventure :D


Thanks Gerald and Stew for your well wishes.

Kids stuff a little bit of the problem, both want me to store their memorabilia,

one lives in Spain, and we do have some very good friends storing her stuff (old school books, signed school shirt etc) till we get to visit her hopefully by end October. The other has just moved into a small 2 up 2 down house, with 2nd child born 2 weeks ago, they're trying to make room for themselves, let alone all the pots, pans and rugs I think might be useful for them. We will get there, and I know we have to be ruthless.
Still with all problems, being so shattered and the relentless wind and rain I still have no regrets, it is so cosy, even if we are still in our home county of Kent.
Ermm...We are trying to downsize in preparation for fulltiming in the spring. I am staring at a wall of books in my study and thinking of the 3 other large bookcases around the house - all books I'd like to keep.

One whole shelf (8ft wide) across a wall is full of my husband's language books. We must have a dictionary, grammar book or phrase book in just about every language (even Zulu!). Now he's got to chose a few as he's not bringing all those into a motorhome.

We hope to rent this house, but with the study locked and hopefully storing items, though anything we'd hate to lose can go to a relatives attic.

There seems to be such a lot to do before we can actually go anywhere...and we have yet to find THE van.

I've just started back at work (school) and every job I do I am saying "last time for this". Roll on Easter!

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Good luck with it all, I am hope you enjoy it as much as I am. 4 months in now and I have mild panic attacks at the thought of moving back into bricks and mortar.

I ended up storing some stuff in my garage until I can get rid of it. Tenant doesn't have a car so doesn't mind.

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