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Gas regulator price

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This does way over the top to me. My friends went to get a normal gas regulator and was charged £80.00 for it. It is for a normal calor bottle
I stand to be corrected
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My last propane regulator cost £5.44. Was your friends one gold plated.

steve & ann. ------------ teensvan.
i was quoted £25 for a new calor regulator to fit a 7.5 push fit bottle. this was at a marina for canal barges.
:lol: Hi me to £5.44 for propane a regulator :lol:
Brian and Marion
For guidance my prices, looks like the OP's was made of solid gold never mind plated

Mine vary from £6.84 clip on, £5.84 normal down to £3.91 for Campingaz 607 bottles

I also sell at roughly same price as Peter would love to know who got £80 for one
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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