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Gaslow Pressure Relief Valve

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Some of you might like to know that the outlet tap on the Gaslow cylinders contains an overpressure relief valve. (Others might say “of course there is”)

I noticed gas leaking from the set-up but only happening in bursts and then stopping.

A call to Gaslow resolved the problem. The overpressure valve was letting off excess gas and then stopping until pressure had built up again.

It is quite warm where we are in North-Eastern France this afternoon (26C) causing the gas in the cylinder to expand.

I had recently filled the cylinders and had not used any gas from this cylinder since. The one we have been using is OK.

The solution suggested by Gaslow was to remove the outlet hose from the regulator and release some gas to the atmosphere for about 30 seconds until the ‘milky looking’ gas had escaped – this is the overpressure gas. (Sad for the atmosphere, sad for my £.)

It may well be that the filling station I used allowed more than the 80% fill. It is the Countrywide site in the centre of Worcester behind Russell & Dorrell.

Gaslow have asked me to visit them when we get home (in 6 weeks) to have it all checked out.
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I had a similar problem after having gaslow fitted a couple of years ago. We were travelling to France on M1! and starter to smell gas and there was a hissing coming from the top of one of the tanks ( we had filled them both the night before). We were going via the tunnel, so would not have got anywhere near the train before being stopped. I made a frantic call to Gaslow and fortunately we were not that far from their HQ so we agreed to return to them so they could check the tanks. In the end they provided a temporary fix to enable us to go on our holiday and we agreed to revisit them on our return journey. Not quite sure what the problem was, but Gaslow replaced both tanks and thankfully we have not had any repeat of the problem. Can't praise Gaslow enough for the time they spent with us trying to get to the bottom of the problem and the very helpful approach. I hope you manage to resolve your problem.
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Is this the 'old style' gaslow cylinder? [has the calor gas type collar]

If so, the valve assemblies are better on the newer cylinders.
I had this problem... I got the impression from Gaslow that this was quite a common problem.

Richard did tell me that the 2008 cylinders have better made valves.
So far I haven't had the problem again.

Yes, they are the 'old' style.

Hopefully they will be replaced when we call in. There should be more space to turn the taps on too without the big collar.
Gaslow give superb service. I found a tiny leak on one cylinder and the engineer came to replace it the following day - he got halfway and realised that he had the wrong cylinder, phoned to apologise and arrived at 0900 the following day (Good Friday morning) to replace it. yes, it should not have leaked in the first place but you ask yourself how many suppliers would do what gaslow did......
Likewise - can't praise Gaslow too highly.

Since my problems here in Croatia I have spoken with Richard several times and he has been very helpful.

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