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Gaslow to the rescue! (Hopefully).

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Good Evening All,

Following on from our faulty 6kg Gaslow bottle

We had to disconnect the small bottle of our automatic change over system because of the leak :cry: That was all fine as we still had the 11kg bottle :lol: Our second problem came about when we had to fill up.

I used my new adapter for France (Which by the way is so much easier to use than the UK's system) and as I connected the nozzel to start the filling process I knew there was a problem because gas came gushing out of the unconnected pipe :oops:

We called Gaslow right away and they informed me that I needed a blanking plug (This I had already worked out). They will be sending it out by Air Mail today and we have arranged for it to be delivered to our next camp site in Millau. It should be there by Monday. (Fingers crossed as we have no gas left and we have 9 more weeks to go :roll: )

We will keep you posted.

FYI Gaslow have been great on the few occasions that we have had to call on them :D

Dean & Angela
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Yes, I agree, they are great when you need them, but should so many of us have/gad leaks with the system in the first place?

hi dean,
yes unfortunately you must have 2 connected pipes on the auto change over at all times, the blanking plugs are great and easy to fit and remove as required :p

unlike the UK France has the metric system and uniform fittings on most things , the simple things in life are easy :p the rest we leave for our beayrocates to muck up :cry:

Hello All,

Just to let you all know that the Blanking plug sent out by Gaslow on the 22nd May arrived yesterday :D

We can now fill up with gas at the earliest opportunity.


Re: Gaslow

Rapide561 said:
Yes, I agree, they are great when you need them, but should so many of us have/gad leaks with the system in the first place?

Good point. Very helpful company but I wonder if the original spec cylinders should have all been recalled and replaced. I lost two large tanks of gas which presumably had I driven past someone smoking would have allowed me to find out if there really is a heaven or in my case a hell.
Good Afternoon,

I went to fill up this morning after fitting my blanking plate. For some reason it only allowed me to put in approx 4 litres. It is an 11kg bottle and I am sure it was empty, does that mean that this bottle is also faulty? We have still got 7 weeks here in France so cannot afford to have our second bottle go faulty.

Oh by the way.........When driving through to get my LPG I only went and swung my rear end into the Kiosk :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

I will post more about this later......after I have calmed down :evil: :oops:

Sorry to hear abouit the Kiosk. If it's an insurance jobby, tell them the Kiosk suddenly jumped out at you. They love silly reasons and it makes their admin lives more bearable.

Normally, if the tanks do not fill up it means that the original fill was wrong as there is an amount you must use before filling up the 80% I think you can get.

I am not sure how you can tell the new models other than they are a lovely bright and shiny yellow. So nice I thought of getting a transparent locker door and then thought I was perhaps being a little stupid.

Can you by-pass the auto change over thing and connect directly to the regulator? We have a gaslow 11kg tank and it just has a pipe to the regulator. (There is a BP gaslight which we had before the gaslow was connected and this is used for back up in case we run out.)

Hope you like Millau, we have just moved north from there where we stayed in Camping Cote Sud, and arrived intending to stay two days, see the bridge and leave. We ended up spending five days there and were tempted to stay longer, but we wanted to have a look at the Auvergne. In addition to the bridge, there is some wonderful walking in the hills around the town and of course the various gorges, most notably the Tarn gorge.

Hope you get your problem sorted.

Hi Dean, make sure the bottles are turned off when you fill up. We have never had a problem with Gaslow, I have emptied a bottle and it always refills ok, but never more that 20lts in it, I think the 80% cut off is a bit fine, still better that than overfilling it, we have had it 2 years on the last van, and now fitted it on this van, no problems with leaks or filling. :) try lifting the bottle and giving it a shake, you will soon know if it only has 4lts in it, or just use it till it runs out, you have plenty of autogas in France, I would say it will be full. Or is it me being hopeful. :lol: Bob.
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