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Gazebo vs awning ?

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We've just part-exchanged our 200 model for a slightly longer 400 which does not have a pull-out awning. We didn't use the one we have very much - not at all in winter in fact, and are wondering about a lightweight gazebo instead eg from Argos catalogue:

Does anyone have any experience of using one ? We reckon it can be left on site ( very well pegged down) when we go off and can be used either side of the van depending on the sun. It might also be the right height to drive up to if it is raining.

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we took an gazebo down to cornwall and ending up having to buy a tent cos it blew down!
cons- not robust enough in exposed areas
can't keep extras(people or equipment) in there as not as secure/waterproof/warm
LOTS OF SITES CHARGE EXTRA - i have seen loads of sites which charge extra for gazebo when an awning is included!

pro's - cheap and generally lightweight

we have a freestanding awing which is quite heavy and bulky to carry with us - if you are just on site for a day or two it seems a lot of work to put up but it probably doesn't take much longer to put up than a gazebo vs awning - we have also used it as sleeping space and becuase it is fully wetherproof can also set up electric items in there or put clothes to dry etc
bowever it was very costly over £500 new

this year we plan to go to europe and would like to get someting to provide shade - we do not want to put a windout on yet as we plan to trade in in a year so but have fund a produt by suncamp which fastens to the awning rail of caravans and prop up on tent typpoles so may try one of these
Hello. New here. sorry to bother you. I'm in the market for a gazebo or awning. I want to get one with the side walls to enclose it if necessary. The idea is to give me shelter at the bakkie while preparing food etc The awning is attached and quick to pull out The gazebo can be positioned at the rear over the tailgate to form a room at the entrance to the bak. I'm new to "ou toppie" organised camping. Please give me some guidance.
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