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Gazebo vs awning ?

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We've just part-exchanged our 200 model for a slightly longer 400 which does not have a pull-out awning. We didn't use the one we have very much - not at all in winter in fact, and are wondering about a lightweight gazebo instead eg from Argos catalogue:

Does anyone have any experience of using one ? We reckon it can be left on site ( very well pegged down) when we go off and can be used either side of the van depending on the sun. It might also be the right height to drive up to if it is raining.

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we have both and I find them great. We would normally not put up the gazebo unless we are staying more than 4 days. I would position it if possible near to the motorhome so that when we wind out the awning they meet. It is useful it the weather is very sunny to give you shade and if it is wet more area to walk around in without getting wet. Also when you go off for the day no need to pack up all your tables and chairs just pile them in to the middle of the gazebo, along with anything else you do not need to bring with you. Awning is very handy when you are stopping for short periods, i love sitting under it if it is raining outside, something therapeutic about, like I know it is raining but i am not letting that stop me going outside. It also keeps the area outside the motorhome dry, therefore less wet going inside. In the new m/h the awning is 5.5meter long so there should be loads of space to sit in. If I was getting a gazebo i would make sure that the top is waterproof. Downside of just having a gazebo is that they are not tall enough to cover the door of the motorhome so you have to leave a gap to open the door.
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