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Gazebo vs awning ?

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We've just part-exchanged our 200 model for a slightly longer 400 which does not have a pull-out awning. We didn't use the one we have very much - not at all in winter in fact, and are wondering about a lightweight gazebo instead eg from Argos catalogue:

Does anyone have any experience of using one ? We reckon it can be left on site ( very well pegged down) when we go off and can be used either side of the van depending on the sun. It might also be the right height to drive up to if it is raining.

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I have always used a gaxebo when tenting, Caravanning and last year in Spain I bought another one. The only probelm is if the wind gets up if the one you buy is a light weight one. They are very good for extra shade and can be left if you go out for the day. I am cheating a bit as I still have a wind out but because I dont have sides for it the shade is limited. I wanted to buy some of that shading matting you see in Spain but there was none left to be found when I was there in August. I will get some of this at some point for when I am next in Spain as you can cover a big area by hanging it from the trees.
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