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gel battery

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We changed our single gel battery got 2 new 85 amp gels in place. The initial, original(1 year old) gel battery was perfectly good but has now been in a cold, damp garage for over a year. My question is will it now be any good, should i try to revive it as i havnt got a charger, or will it need disposing of. From reading on here it appears that the general consensus of opinion is that we should have replaced the single gel with 2 new lead acids, but its done now.

Paul &Caz.
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If its stored charged then it should be OK. As has been suggested check the terminal voltage. If its 12 or above you have a good chance its a goodun.
If its stored in a discharged state then its cream crackered.

Is that straightforward enough?


Thanks, Clive, will check at the weekend.

Paul n caz.
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