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Generator from Machine Mart

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Clarke IG1000 1kVA Inverter Generator -£287

Seems to be a newish product - anyone know if there any good?

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Looks OK but not sure if it will be as quiet as a Honda. The spec is also a bit misleading. Its actually only a 850W continuous output. 1kva is the peak rating.
Be carefull, we trialed that range of machines. 2 major problems, boards failing and machines setting on fire. Another supplier that sold those ended up in court when someones caravan went up!
They look similar to the Planets so be carefull.
Hello PlanetGen,
Dunno if you might be able to throw any suggestions my way apart from "Dump it".

Included in the deal when we bought our Hobby 750 last year was a very clean and new looking Marksman Tools 650 watt genny. Mod ISO9001.

I have managed to get it going once but it took ages and I dismantled the carb to clean it out before it ran.
Since then nothing...!!! :cry: Changed and cleaned plug several times. It's got spark and fuel. But the damn thing just won't fire up again.

Not going to lug it about if it won't 'gen'.

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Hi Ray, not aure to be honest could be a few things. If you can send it to Planet Generators then I will have a look for free and see what I can do.
pm me if you want to do that
PlanetGen said:
Hi Ray, not sure to be honest could be a few things. If you can send it to Planet Generators then I will have a look for free and see what I can do.
Thanks for the offer Simon.
But as I am in France the freight would probably be more than it's worth :roll:
I almost took it to our local lawnmower people but again any more than one hours labour and it's an uneconomical repair. I think they are only about £50 anyway.

I will say only 2 words on this subject HONDA EU10I, expensive but worth it I have wasted money on the cheap & noisy genys not worth it!!!
Joking apart, I agree with what Dad said the other day. If money was no object then go for a Honda. However there are cheaper alternatives. Take cars for example, will a ford not do what a BMW will?
Yes when paying pennies e.g. 30 for a Generator then it wont work or wont last 2 minutes. Honda is not the only good brand that sell Generators. Casing point, what if you need more than 2 kva, say you need a portable 3 kva? Honda dont do one so does this mean you cant have a portable 3 kva? But brands like Kipor and Planet do that work very well. The same for the 1 and 2 - again Planet does it very well.
If any of you are going to Stratford then have a look at the Traders, the people that rely upon these products, you will see lots of Planets powering stands - even Motor Home Facts and Vanbitz.
I think Honda are fantastic machines, like the Planets I know that there is a 99% chance you will never see the machine again (which is good!)
Just my view on the subject - un biased too as I sell all three brands!
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not to much money, just fed up of wasteing ££££ on cheap nasty genys that only last a very short time & are noisey.!!!
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